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Quality and service

total.jpg Quality and service have been the hallmarks of Bakery Computing since our beginnings in 1979. Through a rich blend of experience, skill and technology, we are able to provide evolving solutions to meet the changing demands of the Baking and Food Industries.

We offer a large range of powerful Software providing a variety of interfaces to obtain and manage your information.


Online Order Processing for your Business - Available Now

Bakery Computing are pleased to announce we can now provide web based order processing for CERES application users. Allowing the ability to place orders direct to your live system.


  • Fast review and entry of orders
  • Easy definition of Customer logons and passwords. Including the option for a single logon to maintain more than one delivery addresses orders.
  • Flexible Cut Off times, with overrides for Bank Holidays, or early shipping routes.
  • Allows customer to review earlier orders and copy last weeks order in
  • Allows customers to set up and maintain base orders for each day of the week.
  • Provides early lock out for long lead time products, eg bought in or confectionery.
  • Design can be customised to your colours and logos.
  • Quick and easy to set up PC server can be run as a virtual machine or hosted off site, if you require. (requires access through the firewall to a single port on the iSeries.
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